No Dogs Allowed - now available!

Let us introduce you to the No-Dogs!

"No-Dogs allowed" is a tale about a mythical creature that looks after children and that only children can see. In this interactive picture book app you will learn all about this mysterious creature’s habits and discover what it really looks and sounds like.

The No-Dog’s a creature that’s hard to describe,
and some say the No-Dog’s not really alive.
But I know you’ve you have seen him when mom’s not around
’cause No-Dogs are careful and don’t make a sound…

There is lots of fun to be had and lots of interactivity to discover: animations, music, sounds, adding photos, and have a look what happens when you give the no-dog the ball at the end of the book! There are also 2 colouring in pictures to play with and the story is read in UK English, American English and Dutch.

The flowing rhythm and rhyme, soothing music and subtle interactivity make this an ideal bedtime story.

Download for the iPad/iPhone and iPod touch in the App Store.

Here is the list of all the extras inetractive features that are hidden

Page 1: Attempt to click on the hiding NoDogs, drag the NoDog down the tree
Page 2: The NoDog sign can be cleaned by swiping
Page 4: Tap on the picture frame to put your own picture there, you can also type your own name in the caption (in options you can lock this feature so a little kid doesn't change it by accident).
Page 6: You can drag the NoDog anywhere
Page 7: Create your own flies
Page 9: The digging NoDog disappears quickly after some touches.
Page 11: Lamp turns light on/off, painting animates boat
Page 13: Sign can be cleaned and you can drag the ball to the NoDog and let it play with the little boy.


  • 4+ "Short, charming book app with gorgeous color-drenched pages featuring a whimsical story." Digital Storytime
  • "This is a great book – the story is fun and well written and the illustrations are beautiful." - The iMum
  • charming story app would be a valued addition to any child’s digital library. gillrobins
  • "The book is a poem... don't see many of those... and rhyming is fun and good for kids" - iTunes