Sieneke & Tineke - digital iPad/iPhone books for little kids

The well-known series Sieneke and Tineke originating in The Netherlands is now translated and received a new life in iOS world-wide; currently offered in Dutch, English Spanish and French Canadian. More languages coming up soon.

All the languages are combined into one app. This is very useful if your child is learning languages other than their mother-tongue. Your child will see the words and hear the language in the chosen setting. The language setting is easily changed in the Options menu.

Each app-book is filled with sounds that your child can explore while learning the importance of just being themselves, in a fun and creative way.
Who is that little kid? Looking for a hug and a kiss? Why is it great to be little? How hard is it to go on the potty? What does your child imagine when they are enjoying a meal?
These distinctive apps make a game out of reading and are full of surprises.

Kids play with the stories and sounds. These distinctive apps make a game out of reading and are full of surprises.

“The artwork is lovely, but I also really appreciated the diversity of the children, showing lots of different ethnicities and also diverse foods. Check the synopsis for a full list of each meal and its alter ego. This book, released about a month ago, is one of several books by this developer. I look forward to seeing more of them in the future.”
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A Hug And a Kiss, It’s Great Being Little, Who Is That Little Kid? and I Need To Go!! are also available for purchase through the iTunes App Store. Would you like to test? You can download  “What are You Eating?” and let your kids play with the stories and sounds.

We hope you enjoy them, as much as we enjoyed creating them.

wat eet jij

What are you eating? (EN)

¿Qué comes? (ES)

Wat eet jij? (NL)


A hug and a kiss (EN)

Un besito cariñoso (ES)

Een lekker kusje (NL)


Who is that little kid? (EN)

¿Quién es ese niño? (ES)

Wie is dat kindje? (NL)


    It's great being little (EN)

¡Ser pequeño es genial! (ES)

Klein zijn is fijn (NL)

I have to go! (EN)

¡Tengo que ir al baño! (ES)

Ik moet zo nodig! (NL)