Finn's Paper Hat - now available!

Let us introduce you to Finn!

Our new hero is Finn

Finn is an inventive young boy, who goes on an adventure with his paper hat.
The paper hat turns out to be useful to get out of any type of trouble that you might come upon when your accidental adventure is taking you all the way to the North Pole and back.

In a digital world, we can still have fun with a newspaper hat! Did you ever make one as a child? Do you make them with your children?  Finn’s Paper Hat is a 15 page whimsical storybook app about a little boy who makes a paper hat.  Beautifully illustrated and written by Fierce Grey Mouse author, Chantal Bourgonje.  Finn’s Paper Hat is gently written for children ages 2-8 who would like to follow Finn on his adventure.

Available separately for the iPad and iPhone.

The story begins with, “Finn made a paper hat.  He turned it into a pirate’s hat and played outside all day.” But what happens to Finn’s paper hat when it starts to rain? With Finn’s extraordinary imagination he knows exactly what to do. Will you follow him on the way while he makes special friends?


  • 5 Mice Mac World Australia: "brings the very best of storytelling to create an app that children are bound to enjoy"
  • "I adore this ebook" Giggle Apps
  • "Overall this is a top notch title" 4 1/2 star:  Digital Storytime
  • "it’s nice to see hand drawn illustrations with the iPad interactivity." Best Interactive Books
  • "well-done storybook for kids that has unique illustrations and a good adventure story that kids will love" iHeartThisApp
  • Finn’s Paper Hat is a genuinely charming tale for younger readers Persian Cat Press


  • Music
  • Movement and sounds on every page
  • Read to me feature
  • Paper Hat Sing along
  • Coloring Pages
  • Lesson to show you how to make your own paper hat, like Finn
  • Narration in 3 different languages (English, Spanish and Dutch)
  • English version has 5 separate narrations (Great Britain, North American, Australian, New Zealand, and Irish)
  • Child’s voice (Daisy) narration option
  • You can change the language and the font of the story in the options screen in the middle of the story
  • There are sounds and animations on every page of the storybook
  • Option to mute reading voice while still hearing the core sounds of the book.

Now available for download for the iPad in the iPad App Store.

Now Also available for download for the iPhone and iPod Touch in the iPhone App Store.