Frequently Asked Questions

I don't hear sound; What could be wrong?

 a) Your toggle switch on the iPad/iPhone, the one just above the sound up/down switch on the side of the iPad. I could be in "mute" switch.

b) it could be a bug in iOs. This usually happens when the rotation lock of the ipad is used for mute/unmute.
Is it an iPad we are talking about? Sometimes it helps to turn of the power of your device and turn it back on. If not possbly the next step might help:

c) sometimes people set the iPad side switch (to lock the rotation) to mute.
In the Settings, under General, you might have set the "Use Side Switch To" to 'Mute'. With the iPad muted, launch an app. Once the app is fully started, mute the sound... then unmute. then slide the iPad's Side Switch to the unmuted position and turned up the volume. 

-  device button to mute
- launch app
- device button to unmute

d) In our app you have selected the "read myself" option, or turned down the volume.

Why didn't I get an extra warning for in app purchases?

Apple uses a grace period after entering one’s password. Within 15 minutes after entering your password, it will not ask for it again. Sadly we have no control over that. Until Apple makes changes in that respect, here are a few tips to prevent any unwanted in-app purchases:

  1. Set up a separate Apple ID for a child for which you might purchase apps and don’t associate your credit card with this account. Use either a gift card or Apple’s iTunes Store allowance to fund the account. This will limit the spending potential for accidental purchases.
  2. Turn off in-app purchases globally by going to Settings ->General ->Restrictions. Once you set a passcode to enable restrictions, you can turn off in-app purchasing.
  3. After making a purchase, sign out of your iTunes account by going to Settings -> Store ->Sign Out.