Fred, the talking doghorse

Talk to Fred and he might just say something back. Don't poke him in the eye though. He doesn't like to be poked. If you pet him his voice is friendly again.

Download the "Talking Doghorse" in the iTunes store.


  • Interaction with a real doghorse
  • Voice recording and play it back with a fun voice
  • Garanteed fun times while recording voices and playing it back with friends
  • funny noices when you poke him

How does Fred the Talkin' Doghorse work?

  • Poke him and he gets mad!
  • Pet him and it will be a nice and friendly doghorse once again
  • Talk to the Doghorse when the recording bar on the right side decreases, wait for it to playback and...
  • LAUGH!
  • Repeat

Stay tuned for more improvements!

Fred, o cachorro-cavalo falante
Fred, o cachorro-cavalo falante, e talvez ele dira algo a voce. Mas nao o cutuque muito. Ele nao gosta de ser cutucado. Se voce o acariciar, ele falara novamente com voce de forma amigavel.
* Agora Fred ouvira o que voce tem a dizer
* Fred já sabe como espirrar!
* Seu desempenho melhorou
* Menos bugfixes

目をつつかないように注意し てね。


Fred, el perrocaballo parlante
Habla con Fred y tal vez te dice algo.
¡Cuidado, no le pinches en el ojo!
Verás que no le gusta, pero si le acaricias, estará de buen humor otra vez.
* Fred ahora escuchar lo que tienen que decir. El temporizador de 10 segundos se ha ido!!
* Hablar ahora sincronización labial. No balbucea más al azar!
* Fred ha aprendido muchas palabras nuevas para decir que es feliz o infeliz!
* Fred ahora sabe cómo estornudar!
* Mejora el rendimiento!
* Correcciones de errores menores!