Sieneke de Rooij

Creative Writing Consultant and writer of children's books.
"I was bored for the first four years of my life (1961-1965). Then my dad taught me how to read and I was saved. Have been making book(let)s ever since.
Professionally, my life story covers language, information, reading and writing:

  • avid reader and active writer since 1965,
  • a non fiction editor (travel guides and education),
  • published author since 2000,
  • web editor (City of Amsterdam),
  • Creative Writing Consultant (with former Dutch foundation for Writing, now the National Institute for the voluntary arts),
  • private coach and advisor for young and old writers,
  • as well as a professional hypnotherapist.

I have always worked with words and thoughts and everyone who loves them."

Check out her website (Dutch only) and her Linkedin.