Fierce Grey Mouse - by Chantal Bourgonje

Tizio Publishing released a new children’s book app, beautifully illustrated and written by author and illustrator Chantal Bourgonje. 

Fierce Grey Mouse is for children ages 2-8 and teaches the importance of not only being yourself but also being true to yourself. "Fierce Grey Mouse" is a story about Little Grey Mouse who wants to be FIERCE for a day. He dreams of wild animals, does his exercises, eats all his porridge and drinks all his milk and ferociously practises his roaring and pouncing. But what happens when his friends, Edie the duck and Kay the piglet want to play with Little Grey Mouse and all they find is Fierce Grey Mouse? 

The app is beautifully presented on the iPad, but also runs nicely on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The book is written and read in English, Dutch and Spanish accompanied with many colourful animations and rich sounds.

"Fierce Grey Mouse" is available for download (for iPadiPhone and iPod Touch) in the iTunes Store.

Little Grey Mouse decides one day that he wants to be fierce! But what will be the outcome of his actions? Follow Little Grey Mouse through his transformation and the lessons he learns along the way. This lovely 27 page book, will surely captivate your youngster and remind us that our friends love us for being the person we are.

Look here how the book came alive


  • Read function in 3 different languages (English, Spanish and Dutch)
  • English version has 5 separate voices (Great Britain, North American and Australian, New Zealand, Irish, using local language)
  • If you wish you can change the language of the story in the options screen
  • Sounds and animations on every page of the storybook
  • Option to mute reading voice while still hearing the core sounds of the book.
  • 2 colouring pages
  • 2 level memory game

How it works:

  • The language of the book automatically sets to the language of your preset iphone/iPod Touch/iPad language
  • Swipe the pages right to left to go to the next page or swipe to the right to return to the previous page.
  • We have included directional arrows for those little fingers that may have trouble swiping.
  • Touch the objects in the book, like Fierce Grey Mouse, his friends, or any of the other animals and objects to discover story sounds and animations


  • Digital storytime:"Overall, this is an outstanding book app, from the opening page to the final scenes. It has gorgeous graphics, charming characters and just the right amount of animated interactivity to engage young readers. My highest recommendation."
  • GiggleApps "The quality of this application, the story, artwork, and sound effects are universally excellent. I highly recommend this application."
  • iPadApps4Kids: "Great educative digital storybook! Very nice graphics and interactive items... We find this one of the better books in the app store."
  • "The ebook (developed for everybody with an iPad and who feels like a kid) is filled with interactive surprises"
  • Appsmama: "A fantastic app for children, which will not disappoint you..."
  • MacWorld: "Tizio Publishing has released a new children’s book app, beautifully illustrated and written by author and illustrator Chantal Bourgonje."
  • The iPhone Mom: "The storybook app is animated and interactive... It definitely works with the style of illustrations found in Fierce Grey Mouse."
  • The Telegraph: "an original property developed for the Apple platforms, and is a charmer".
  • iTunes: This is just a great book. Our girl just LOVES fierce grey mouse as do we; It really brings a smile to everyone's face. It is one of the books she reads everyday!
    Very original, full of animation and fun!

We hope you enjoy Fierce Grey Mouse as much as we enjoyed working with the author and illustrator Chantal Bourgonje, the voice actors and the development team who brought it all to life.

Fierce Grey Mouse is also on twitter!, He tweets about exercising, healthy eating and friendship.